3 Conversion Driving Traffic Tools For Social Traffic

3 Great Traffic Conversion Tools For Use With Social Media

So, you want to get your conversion rates boosted?

And you are on the search for tools to help convert the traffic you have into sales?

Well you are in luck because today I will be giving you 4 tools that can help you do just that. Social media as we all know can be an extremely powerful tool for conversion rate optimization, especially when used in the best possible manner.

#1 Commerce Sciences – Offer Only Content of Relevance


Whenever traffic is funneled into your website through the means of social media, it is of the up-most importance that you do no lose focus on the actual reason they are visiting and arriving at your website in the first instance. To do this you can use a service or tool like Commerce Sciences which uses specific behavioral targeting to actually track your social audience and makes certain that your all important message is not lost.

As an example, if traffic see a coupon with 20% off on your site on Facebook they will naturally click that image or link so that they can see the deal for themselves. However if you then make them search or chase for that offer then you will lose them very quickly as they are there for that one specific thing.

Commerce Sciences allows you to make sure that the coupon is the very first thing that they see when they arrive at your site through Facebook. Commerce Sciences also treats every single visitors completely different and then uses varying tactile solutions to make sure your visitor stays locked onto your website.

The platform uses things such as promotions, announcements and messages to create and gather relevant information on the visitors which it bases on a range of targeting characteristics. For example if a visitor is looking for a certain item on Google, Commerce Sciences will use keyword recognition to put that exact product in front of the person searching for it when they open up a webpage. Basically this tech is a conversion process that removes any and all obstacles and puts your visitor directly where they need to be.

Here’s a short Demo of By Commerce Sciences:


#2 Evaluate Audience Insights


Okay so you have some incredible content and you are getting traffic to your site, you are even having them engage with your content but why are you not seeing those conversions go up? The most obvious thing would be that you are simply not taking advantage of the insights that your audience has to offer you.

As soon as you are able to see the insights of your visitors you are then able to grow your network and retain the visitors that mean the most to you, the ones that buy and push conversions through the roof. These insights include their online habits, what they search for, who their influencers are and this is incredibly powerful stuff to be in tune with.

To help you with this you can use a Twitter management tool which completely gains advantage of the above, the tool is called SocialBro and amongst its features is a network growing function that provides thorough analysis of your very own followings insights alongside those of your competition.

The reason that SocialBro is so good is that it doesn’t just provide you with one type of report, but several which allows for much more in depth analysis. With the help of SocialBro you can see the information about where your visitors are coming from originally, what tweets they are making about what things and also their gender, age and even languages that they may speak.

Alongside all of this they also help you to decide when the very best time to tweet out to your followers is which obviously gives you a key advantage of making sure your message is seen, heard and engaged with. According to them, just by simply changing up the times in which you tweet can have a massive impact in visibility with 650% improvement a very real target to hit.

Check out this video to learn more:


#3 Crowdbooster – Measure your posts Performance


Okay so now you are getting more conversions but you aren’t anywhere near where you want to be…yet. The important thing to do next is to find out where they’re coming from, who are these people and why are they converting better than anyone else? There has to be a reason right? To start off with you can use any number of basic analytical tools but then why stop there if you are serious about upping those conversions!

You have the ability to view many more metrics and a lot more in-depth data than just which of the traffic channels are working well for you so it makes sense to view all the possible metrics you can and then push on with the knowledge you learn to completely boost all conversions massively. This is how they say a “Go big or go home” scenario.

For this type of metric analysis I highly recommend CrowdBooster, they can help you understand everything you need ot know about all of the stats you collect from not just one, but several social media channels and all in real time too. This means you can literally see what is working right there and then, which also means you are able to see trends that are beginning to occur and this is essential in getting things off the ground as fast as possible.

If you can see trends form then you can start to really push those trends as far as possible. Are you seeing a big trend in facebook ads you are running? Great push even harder and make those ads work for you. See a particular time of day to tweet? Fantastic capitalise on that information.

CrowdBooster allows you to fully see with complete transparency, all of the information you need to know in order to make the best decisions, decisions that will help your conversions rise and soar rather than bump along and dwindle into nothing.

CrowdBooster also provides an advanced feature that helps recommend you on how to optimize less successful blog posts and website pages too, as well as the ability to help you schedule posts to improve the number of impressions that each one makes with critical timing being mastered fairly easily instead of hoping and wishing.

In conclusion, it’s fair to say that you could do without these tools but it is also fair to say that without them, or without similar tools you will never get your conversions to a point where you are happy with the results.

Remember that phrase…”Go big or go home”

Again here is a video for you to take a look at:

Make sure you go big and keep out of your comfort zone, if you don’t then you may find yourself left behind with your conversions lacking at best. I hope you gain valuable insight from this and I wish you the best of luck in your ventures.


To your future success,

Dr. Max V



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