3 Fast Ways To Rocket Your Video Rankings

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Today I want to take you to the realm of video.



Video is an excellent tool for communication, it can help you grow a rapport with your audience better and faster and it can also help your rankings (not to mention attract fresh new leads for your business!) So YES video really does matter, it’s a fact and you need to get in on the action too.

Did You Know?
Viewers of video are 1.6 times MORE likely to engage and buy from you than non-viewers!

The above statistic is a great way of seeing how important video has become to us all, especially if you are wanting to turn your traffic into subscribers and your subscribers into customers; video is a vital weapon of mass distraction and you need to wield this powerful tool so that you can make it work to your advantage.

I mean completely ethically of course too.

Obviously when someone searches within our niche we want to be able to be seen so read on and make notes of my:

3 Fast Ways To Rocket Your Video Rankings

#1 Rocket Your Video Rankings: Dominate Video Snippets in the Search Results.


Make sure that you are tracking where your videos are appearing for the universal search results and make it your goal to either replace or secure that top spot for the video snippets. If there is already a video there, they are your competitor, you need to maneuver in and take them out!

As you probably know already its not that odd now to see videos by people on the universal search results occupy a top spot for video, what I mean by that is they are an individual, a one man (or woman) band. They are not a brand, and this is great for you for two reasons.

  1. They are not a big corporation and so are easily knocked off that top spot
  2. You can create a powerful brand or business for yourself so you aren’t that ‘Individual’

You’ve have a GREAT shot at knocking these ‘individual’ people off the top if you can show that you are an authority in the niche you are trying to rank for, and if you can do this as a brand and not just as Mr. John Doe, then you are going to be laughing.

Remember a brand makes you look the part, it adds credibility and social media clout, where possible remain the professional expert that you want to be perceived as because you need to be an expert in your field if you want to grow your audience and your rankings.

The best way to hit the people off that illustrious top spot is fairly simple…
Create a better video on the SERP.


Take a look at the image above, making a video around the keyword “Parrot AR Drone 2.0 Power Edition” would enable you to have a very good chance at being the number one video spot (if you were a brand with a decent branding message).An adept branded business could easily rule with this…for sure.

Tracking your results is a key way to finding out what works for you so you can eventually rinse and repeat your results on a wider scale. Remember that split testing can also be a vital part of your brands marketing, so where possible test, test and test again; you’ll be glad you did.


#2 Rocket Your Video Rankings: Be The First To  Reach The Video Greenfield

no video

You might be asking yourself what is a ‘Video Greenfield’ so let me digress a second, well to put it very simply it’s a SERP that has zero videos within it, no videos ranking whatsoever. These so called Video Green Fields are a fantastic opportunity to to get yourself heard in your chosen niche. No one has yet claimed these space and s they are open to bring claimed. This alone could really help you break onto the first page of the search engine results effectively gaining you more traffic right off the bat.

Listen, Google WANTS your video content, they really do; why do you think they bought YouTube? The entire concept and strategy of Google is to give users what they want, and what do they want? YOUR content, stop being greedy and let them have it!

All pages without those illustrious video number on them are fair game (well, so is any page really…but these are even easier to rank with). These untouched pages are like the fast track express queue to Google’s good graces. Give Google the content it so desperately craves and you will gain the chance to beat your competition right under their noses.

PLUS videos convert…LIKE CRAZY!

Just note however that a single video is NOT going to be what it takes to get that top position on the Green Video Field SERP. Realistically you need to create a short series of videos based upon your chosen topic to create that credibility and authority which is so vital to a brand, make sure you are on topic and relevant at all times too as that will give you a boost up in Google etc.


#3 Rocket Your Video Rankings – Do Better Than The Best

do better

This is a simple ‘Tried & Tested’ technique that can bring you a ton of success, just follow the leaders in your niche and beat them. Okay so it’s easier said than done mostly but if you do your research and look into what other people are doing and how then you can start to emulate their successes; you can also avoid their mistakes too.

Look for what videos are doing well and what type of format they are, is it a review video, or a how-to instructional video? Maybe it’s more of an educational video? Whatever it is, if it’s working then you need to mirror their successes.

Once you have found the videos you feel are the ones to beat, you then need to create a better video than they have and b better I mean everything, quality of sound, quality of video, better lighting and of course content; use better metadata and LSI keyword phrases and also have a script ready, off the cuff doesn’t always work out for the best and you don’t want to be mincing your words on camera when you are trying to prove you are an expert!

If you don’t know about LSI keywords and phrases and you can learn about them in my previous blog post here:

Latent Semantic Indexing…What Is It?

So I hope this has been helpful to those of you not in the know, and I hope I have unearthed a few nuggets of information you can take away and learn from.

With that said, here’s to your future success,

Dr. Max V

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