5 More Super Simple Tips To Build Your Email List With Video

These 5 Super Simple Tips Will Help Grow Your Email List

It’s easy to under-value the importance of video, which is why I have been writing these past few blog posts about video to (highlight the need to get involved in video when it comes to growing your list).

Statistics have shown that by 2018 video traffic online will be a massive 69% of all web traffic! Yes that IS SIXTY-NINE percent; you read that correctly. I don’t know about you but if more than two thirds of the traffic throughout the entirety of the internet is going to be video based then I want to be a part of it!

How about you?

Yesterday I gave you 5 Simple Tips To Help You Grow Your Email Marketing List With Video Marketing and today I am going to give you 5 more because I had such a great response from you guys and I LOVE offering out hints, tips and great information, especially when I know you want it too!

So here are todays 5 super simple tips to help grow your email list.


#1 YouTube Video Descriptions: Use Them Wisely


The description area in YouTube is for you to give a general overview of what the content of a video is; you know that, I know that, we all know that. What people seem not to know however is that the description is GREAT for ranking your videos if you use the best and most relevant keywords to your content, maybe add a couple of LSI’s in there too. If you missed my LSI post you can catch that here: Latent Semantic Indexing…What Is It?

What is really missing from most of your descrptions however is a URL, a simple link to where you people to opt in to your email list will suffice. That way you have a greater chance of people clicking through and opting in to whatever it is you may have to offer them (make sure it is great value though).


#2 Add A Pitch: Ask People To Join Your List At The End Of Every Video You Create


Having a link to your lovely website is all well and good and by all means continue to do that, but there are other things you can besides adding just that link. Why not add a short and snappy 5-10 second long pitch asking the audience to join your mailing list, offering them key benefits of why they should and of course a nice upfront free offer that you have ready for them.

Straight away you are seen as someone who cares and likes to offer valuable resources, products and information to your subscribers and you should make it your goal to be the best you can at all of the above. If you have subscribers then for the sake of your business look after them properly. It is what they deserve and what you are responsible for.

If you create more than one type of video such as: How-To Videos, Screencast Videos, Interview Videos etc. Then have a different opt-in offer and a different opt-in list for them to join. This is called segmenting your list and is a great way to find out what people are interested in and therefore offer them a lot more value. Try it out!


#3 Add Annotations: To All Of Your YouTube Videos


A lot of people neglect the annotations available on-screen via YouTubes’ editing tools but it is a great way to get someone to take action.

Think about it…

If you are asking someone to type in this URL and then fill in this form and then confirm your email, that’s already a lot to do for them when they only came to view a video. Instead you could add a link online in the form of an annotation and have it link directly up to a single opt-in form. That way you are cutting down their time taken to complete all of the above as well as engaging them into interaction through your video.

If someone is going to click an annotation and then complete a web-form they are definitely worthy of having on your list…these are the kinds of people you want on your list because they are genuinely passionate about what it is you are talking about.


#4 Landing Pages/Squeeze Page Optimization: Use Them Properly


Landing pages are supposed to be for your target audience to land on from various places across the internet; maybe through a link you added on a blog, a post on Facebook or through an annotation on a video (see above).

Whilst landing pages may seem old hat now (seeing as they are circa 2010) but the truth is they still work as effectively as ever, you just need to be able to design yours properly and not have it looking all messy or hard for them to work out what to do. A lot of landing pages are so awkward to know what to do next that the audience leaves and then you have lost a subscriber.

Make sure you give them a nice big call to action and show them where to go next, remember Keep It Stupidly Simple (K.I.S.S).


#5 Feature Box Slider: Add A Video


A lot of WordPress themes seem to have a big slider at the top of the website so that you can add images or videos with a description. This is perfect if you have a new blog post, new product or anything that you think is note or news worthy.

People LOVE new things so if you have created a nice short video for something then add it to the feature box. Maybe its just your short pitch (see above), maybe it’s a new product you want to show the features off about.

Whatever content you have go and use it and add it to that feature box. If you haven’t already got a video, go and get a camera or use your smart phone and create a short video. There’s NOTHING wrong with using your smart phone to add a video as long as it doesn’t look like you filmed it with a toaster!
Add value, add quality content and just be yourself and that’s all there is to it really.

There are a few more ways in which you can use video to grow your email list, one such way being through video adverts, the same kind of type of ones that you see on your television, there are some great ways to accomplish this too, one such way being via a neat WP plugin.

I have found one such plugin that will help you guys immensely and I think you should really check it out.



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Until later, here’s to your future success,

Dr. Max V

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