5 Simple Tips To Help You Grow Your Email Marketing List With Video Marketing


5 Great Tips For Video Marketing Your Way To A Better Email List

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Hey Dr. Max here,

I hope you enjoyed your weekend and the blog post that I wrote for you yesterday, if you haven’t already read it you can find that here:

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So, picking up from yesterday, I would like to offer you 5 great tips to help with the growth of your email lists. I assume that growing your email list is a definite goal that you have, if it’s not it most definitely should be. So without further ado here they are:

#1 Turn Blog Posts Into Video Marketing Campaigns

This is a simple enough idea, go and grab a previous blog post you may have written and then turn it into a video marketing campaign. From this method you can get a LOT of usage from the original blog post. For example you can sit in front of a camera or at your desk and record what you are doing then read from the blog post.

So if you have a ‘top list’ post a little like this one (#1-#5 Top Tips) then you can stand in front of your camera and do an awesome video on exactly the same thing that is in your blog post. You can also do the same thing using desktop recording software like the ones I mentioned in yesterdays’ blog post and then SHOW your audience what it is you are talking about.

With this method you could even strip the audio from the video and create a podcast with it!

#2 Use An Email-Gate With Your Videos

If you don’t already know what an email-gate is, it’s basically a tool to collect emails from within the video, for example you could have them play the video and then half way through make them add their email to watch the remaining half of the video.

Adding an email-gate to your videos is a great way to engage with the audience already viewing your content, after all they are already there and are obviously interested in the video at hand so make it work for you.

You can use sites like Wistia® to host your videos too, if you don’t fancy going the YouTube™ route. Wistia® has a free version too so check them out.

#3 Create Short Videos For Sharing On Social Sites

This may sound like common sense but it is amazing how few people actually do this. Simply create a nice and short video, doesn’t have to be anything fancy but just get it done…take some action. Next, post them on your Facebook™ wall, share them with friends and tweet about them on Twitter™.

These videos can be about anything you like too. Just make sure they are informative and engaging. You are more likely to get a share or like from a video than anything else due to videos naturally entertaining nature.

You could even combine this with a nice opt-in offer like giving away a free report or ebook, ecourse, video tutorial or anything else you can think of.

Make sure you keep it under 5 minutes long and if possible around the 2 minute mark…that way you are keeping them engaged, interested and not boring them to death. You want to be memorable but not to the point where you are unforgettably long and boring.

#4 Create A Video Course Online

Creating a short video course can be a great way to get your audience engaged and interested in what you have to say. If you are teaching people, you are helping them and that is what you are there to do…create value and teach.

You could even use the video course to lead the way to a premium product you may have, like a mini-series leading up to a full blown video course on well, anything. You could also incorporate the steps I have suggested above too, use your ideas to your advantage.

#5 Recycle And Re-Purpose

Use your video content to create new content, for example if you have a mini-course that can be turned into a simple enough blog post then do it, and vice versa, also if you have a video course that you are no longer selling, why not create a tutorial or mini-series running week to week and get your audience engaged.

If you have something of value then by all means re-package and re-purpose. That’s not to say you should do the same boring thing over and over, but make it fresh and appealing again. Again if you are adding value then you owe it to your audience to show them that value. Simple.

So there you go there are my top 5 tips for growing your email list using video to grow your lists, I hope you have found some golden nuggets of information in the above tips and I would love to hear how you put them to use.

A Gift For You

Before I go I want to offer you a free gift, no catches just click the link and off you go. I did say yesterday I may have a surprise offering for you so here it is:



I hope you make good use of them and don’t forget to watch out for my next blog post in the next few days.

Also if you would like to comment on any of the above or have your own to add then please do let me know in the comments and I will reply as fast as I can. Thanks.

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Until then, here’s to your success,

Dr. Max V


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