Another Social Link Machine Short Case Study

Hey Everyone,


I hope those of you who got your hands on my Social Link Machine WordPress plugin are still enjoying it and as I have heard from lots of you, that many of you are starting to see great results with it.


I just wanted to share with you another Case Study, which I hope can be called this way.


I was just browsing the Internet and decided to see what people are saying about SLM and simply searched for the name on the product in Google. I was very surprised to see my syndicated post from this site being ranked number #4 without anything special done to it.


I believe you can see the value in it! Here is a screenshot of the SERP:

Social Media WordPress Plugin

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3 Responses

  1. Peter Osigbe - Traffic Tips says:

    SLM is a great plugin, well done. Social media is gaining weight in the eyes of the search engines- so you are basically getting traffic two ways using your plugin- some from the dearch engines (e.g google) & obviously direct traffic from social media sites you post to.

  2. Александр says:

    Замечательный плагин! Ещё не настроил на полную мощность, но уже есть результаты.
    Например, по запросу pure leverage, в одной из статей на блоге, нахожусь в первой десятке выдачи через сеть Google+. А ещё и месяца не прошло, как использую плагин.

  3. Adrian says:

    It’s always good to see your work, and to know it’s helping others reach a goal. Keep the great software coming and look out for bigger places to see your progress.

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