Convert More Leads Into Sales With These 5 Essential Tools

5 Tools To Help You Convert Your Leads Into Sales

Hey, Dr. Max here and today I want to share a quick post on some tools which I feel you will find very helpful. From time to time we could all do with some help in getting our sales and conversions boosted so what better way of getting some karma back than showing you how to help your own conversions. I love giving out valuable information and although you may know some of these tools I hope you use some of these tools if not all of them and see your conversions soar.

With that said, here are 5 tools that will help your sales and conversions this year.

1. Heat Maps


If you know where your visitors are and aren’t using your websites and sales pages then you can effectively and efficiently reposition your offers, banners, and other calls to action to allow for the best possible results by using the best, most active parts of your sites. There are a few different resources you can use these days for heat maps but the most used and by far the best is Crazyegg.

Crazyegg is a heat map tool which allows you to see exactly where you visitors are going, where they are clicking and most importantly where you need to have all of your clickable calls to actions and links to be positioned.  It also shows you what traffic or referral source has sent the visitor to your site too which is a valuable tool in and of itself as it allows you to work out where your best sources of traffic are coming from. If you can figure that out you can put more effort into that resource and boost your traffic further.

2.  A/B Testing Software


Every conversion improvement begins by testing the waters, this can be something as small as the colour of your outbound links or as large as your websites colour theme and graphics used. No matter what different ideas you have to put in place one thing is very clear…you need a means of testing them.

Sometimes the slightest change can mean the difference between a lack of sales and the biggest sales you have ever had on your site and to test that I highly recommend Unbounce and Optimizely. Both of these sites are simple to use and enable you to test every little change that you wish to make to different versions of your landing pages. Best of all you do not need to use any type of coding whatsoever so even those of you that aren’t technically minded can use these two tools easily. Check them out.

3.  Exit Offers

popup domination

When you spend a lot of money to get traffic to your website and landing pages, the last thing you want to do is let them go easily. Now I’m not saying you should hold them ransom or anything but it makes sense to try and use every visitor you can to hit that call to action no matter whether that’s a link for them to click or an opt-in form for them to add their email to. However that’s not always possible so they decide to leave for whatever reason and you have lost them forever right? Wrong.

Now this won’t retain 100% of your visitors, nothing will do that it’s impossible but it will help you keep a larger percentage. I am of course talking about exit offers. Exit offers are those that you see when you move your mouse to the exit cross or to the back button, before they can press either button to leave they are forcefully shown an offer of some sort. This can be in the form of a lightbox pop-up in which there is an email opt-in form or it could be a banner offering them a discount.

No matter what you use as your Exit Offer the best one I can recommend for you to use is pop-up Domination click the link and take a look for yourself.

4. Explainer Videos

video maker fx

Now these are fairly new on the market but I guarantee you have seen one. Maybe it was on a sales page, maybe it was an advert on Youtube but you have most likely seen one of these new fangled sales videos. The reason these work so well is simple, as humans we are naturally drawn to content that is visual in nature, a chart, an infographic, graphics in general and of course videos.

You see, content that is visual in nature allows for us to remember a greater amount of the information than if it was in written form and because of this it stays with us, whether we mean it to be stuck in our minds or not. A successful explainer video does all of the above and so much more as it allows us to basically create a glowing idea of what our product is, we get to show all of the features of the product and we get to be as in depth and wildly graphic as possible whilst all the time enabling that saleability factor to come out and grasp the visitors attention.

Just be sure that if you are going to get or create an explainer video you make sure it actual does what it is supposed to do (explain something) and also make sure that it is of a high quality because lesser quality videos will repel visitors as much as a high quality visitor will attract and sell to them. If you would like to try an explainer video for yourself you can try making one with Video Maker FX…this is my go to video creator and is super simple to use. Check it out.

5. Google Analytics

google analytics

An obvious one that needs to be added for its ease of use and for its features, Google Analytics should be part of every site you own. If it isn’t then it needs to be and I highly recommend you go ahead and sign up and start using it as soon as possible.

Google Analytics can tell you a ton about your website such as how many visitors have been on your site that hour, week, month and even year, heck you can even use it to watch how many visitors are on your site LIVE if you want to which is incredible. The reason this is so good is because you are effectively able to see how much your site is visited, where your best traffic sources are and you can also see where you should back off.

Yes that’s right using Google Analytics you can effectively see which sites are doing you more of a hindrance than a service to you and that means you can stop paying attention to unworthy traffic sources and aim your sites on bigger resources such as paid advertising with Facebook or Youtube etc.

So basically that’s it for today, I hope these have given you something to think about and I hope that if you haven’t already got these set up for your websites that you at least put a couple to the test, I think you will find them invaluable.

Until next time, here is to your future success,

Dr. Max V

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