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So It’s been Easter and I hope you have all had an amazing break of the short holiday but now it’s time to crack on and today I want to delve into Content Curation.

For many content marketers like us looking for new ways to increase the productivity of our content production and to obviously save a ton of time in the process content curation is an unsung hero so I’m going to enlighten those of you that aren’t in the know and for those of you that are..keep reading you will likely gain a few golden nuggets here.

Pen and notepad ready? Okay then I shall begin.

Your audience are constantly looking to feed their content needs, they are ravenous and want as much as possible as fast as possible. This is great news, but it is also tiresome even to just know that you are going to need to work like a dog in some cases to keep up with the demand. The problem is that when you do that you can easily lose quality and it shows…greatly!

Content curation can be your Savior here and your audience will definitely be grateful to you for the extra content. For many that are thinking about starting to do some of there own content curation and for some that are already doing it, there are still many questions that are floating around when it comes to the best practices for content curation.

Questions like the ones below are just a few of the many I’ve been asked previously:

What should the content actually look like ?”

How much of the original article should I actually add into my own?”

How can I make sure my own content aligns perfectly with curated content?”

The above are all relevant and easily answered questions so lets get some of the confusion out of the way for you. Below you will find what I like to call the ‘Curated Post Blueprint’ and just like any building a good curated post should never be created without a structured format to work from.

Follow along and you will be a curation master in no time.

curation blueprint

‘Curated Post Blueprint’

#1 Create A New Title

new title

To make sure you avoid competing in the search engines with any original content you are using to help with your curation you should most definitely come up with a new title. This step is vital as it is one of the key factors in on page SEO. So make certain you do not skip this step.

To come up with a new title you could try a number of methods anything from a quote in your final draft (as long as it has the important keywords in there) is a good way of coming up with a title, or you could go through a couple of blog and news websites to browse their post titles to come up with ideas. This is something that time should be taken on so that you get the best possible outcome from your on page SEO but to help you out I have got a few resources that you can check out if you would like to:

Tweak Your Biz – Blog Post Generator – This awesome little tool can save you many hours of pulling out your hair by easily generating hundreds of possible titles. Simply enter the words you wish to be included hit the button and you can pick from your favorites. Not the most traditional way of doing it but we’re not being traditional here we are trying to save time right? – An obvious one but worth a mention, the Huff as it is now known is a truly great place to browse for title ideas, you may not find one on your exact topic but were are looking for ideas, were not trying to steal them for ourselves. – This is a very useful website and allows you to create a new “UpWorthy Style” title with the click of a button. A very clever time-saving site to use, the titles they create are completely fake but give you a great idea of what you can come up with. – This is a neat little tool that basically does exactly as the name suggests, you simply add your title to the tool (copy and paste) and it will correct any errors for capitalization tha you may have missed.

You also have the obvious ones such as and too, use these to find better words for your titles, not necessarily more complex, just alternatives to the ones you already have.

#2 Add New Images

add images

In order to avoid any copyright and trademark issues with the original post that you are using to help curate your content you should use new images, this will not only set you apart visually but it will also help stop you from getting sued down the line.

There are many tools such as Photoshop, GIMP and Pixlr to help edit images too which again will set you apart from any visually similar images that your audience may have seen or may come across in the future.

There are also sites that allow you to buy royalty-free images too, sites with libraries full of anything and everything you can think of and I don’t just mean photographs either, these sites now carry a massive range of graphics based imagery too. Do a search on your search engine of choice for ‘Stock Images# or ‘Royalty-free Images’ and you will come up with a bunch of sites that are able to help.

You can even find sites with FREE images if you look hard enough such as and however be sure to check the rights to the images as many ask for a link back to the owner…still they are free to use!

#3 Content Post Body Text


The majority of the article you are writing should be completely in your own words and original, you should also include the following too (In alphabetical order):

Attribution of the original article and author (with a link back to the article where possible).

Commentary (or annotations) use the original article to help put your point forward but include your own words of wisdom alongside it. For example if you are writing about how to boil an egg don’t just copy the recipe word for word, add your own step(s) into it where valid.

Link to any created content you have. If like me you’ve spent hours and hours creating useful blog posts and images, maybe some awesome giveaways and even some stunning graphics then link back to those posts…as long as they are relevant. This helps those new to the site see what you have created previously and is great for on page SEO too.

#4 Use Quotes Where Necessary

make more

When using another article to create your content from make sure you add in a few quotes or stats to really shock, surprise or grab the attention of your audience as this can help keep their attention and also educate them which is ultimately what we are offering them, entertainment and information.

#5 Make Use Of Call-To-Actions


Call-To-Actions or CTAs are an element that many leave out and its a big mistake. It’s important to offer CTAs to your readers especially when the content has been curated so that you don’t just leave them hanging, instead of just bluntly stopping and offering nothing else add a link to a previous article or a report…anything that will help add more value to them.

Things like eBooks and Webinars are great too as this can be huge value to them and offer a lot of relevant information on the topic they are interested on. I mentioned earlier that a lot of readers are ravenous for information so give it to them!

CTAs also keep your readers engaged and interactive which again is something you definitely want. No one wants to read a boring article that’s of no use to anyone do they? So don’t do that, offer your audience more, they deserve it and you owe it to them to help.

Also make sure that any CTA you have is highly visible and obvious, you want them to know what to do next so don’t make them go on a hunt put it in front of them.



This is a simple and basic guide to content curation, there is so much more to the process which I haven’t mentioned in this post such as where to find the articles to curate from as well as promoting the articles you have curated etc.

Curation is a great way to create valuable content (relatively fast) and it is great to help your readers by offering them quality content but it can still be daunting at times and even a little stressful but there ARE tools that are there to help you should you want to get ahead of the competition.

Recently I have been using Curation Hero which I found through one of the creators who happens to be a friend of mine and I have to say without bias that Curation Hero really is a sweet tool to get your hands on.

Curation Hero is a easy to use and simple Drag-and-Drop plugin which can be used to curate content for websites, blogs and even Facebook! Think about everything I have just told you about in my article above, this awesome little tool does everything you need right out of the box and you still have my blueprint above to use if you wanted to as well, the beauty of Curation Hero though is that it truly is a massive TIME-SAVING tool with it being Drag-and-Drop it means no learning curve too.

On top of all of this you’ll NEVER have to pay for another article again (no spinning or risky copy infringement involved), you can easily and quickly build authority and drive traffic, (can use on unlimited blogs too!)

I really can’t say anything but good things for Curation Hero and I know you will absolutely love it when you grab your copy.

PLUS – As always I will be offering some awesome exclusive bonuses that you can only get from investing in Curation Hero.

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Content curation truly is an amazing way to help your blog and more importantly your audience by adding masses of value much more quickly so be sure to use this guide as a blueprint for your own curation should you wish to, but I do HIGHLY recommend Curation Hero so be sure to check it out when it is released tomorrow (9th April 2015)

As always I hope you have enjoyed this post and have found some information that will help you, have a great day whatever else you are doing and take care.

To your future success,

Dr. Max V

UPDATE: Curation Hero Is Now LIVE!
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