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There are many people out there talking about Google targeting PBN or Private Blog Networks and I am seeing a lot of panic going on, so I decided to write a short post on my personal opinion about it.

I admit that Google introduces different updates that hit us on a regular basis and most of us know what it actually wants from us, but in case of PBNs, I believe that it is more PR and a huge propaganda to make people stop using PBNs.

If you one of those who thinks it is dangerous have your own network, then (again my personal opinion) you, probably need to re-think your SEO strategy and focus mainly on Social Media Marketing and on paid traffic, using PPC and other types of advertisement.

My personal opinion is that there is no more danger than it used to be, if you want to us PBN to promote websites. Think about it. How on earth Google will know that you are using a PBN unless they go and analyse websites from your PBN manually.

Maybe, and it seems a case here, Google just threw more human resources into manual checking process than before, but I think that it will ease very quickly.

It just proves that if you build your network, then you should do it right and make sure you do not leave a footprint and make your PBN sites to look as real websites.

I will try to list the main things that I think you should follow when building your PBN websites.

What is a process of building any website out there?

  1. You get a domain
  2. Host it
  3. Create a web design for it
  4. Create content
  5. Build links

As you can see, the process is very simple. Apart from points 4 and 5 those are just one time tasks.

Let’s go through these steps when it comes to PBNs

Picking a Domain

This is a matter of getting a high quality expired domain. This task is getting more difficult, but it is still pretty easy to find cheap expired domains. You can, actually, use brand new domains or mix new domains with expired in your blog network to stay on a safer side. But if you chose to use new domains, then you would need to wait for some time for them to mature in the eyes of Google, so they start passing more juice.


The main rule here is – AVOID SEO HOSTING what so ever. If you use one, then it is simply saying Google that your sites are more likely belong to a blog network.
Always hide your contact details.
Use multiple hosting companies to host your PBN sites.
Use different email addresses to register there as most shared hosting companies use your registration email address in your DNS records.

Web Design

Try to make your websites to look unique and avoid using free themes. Even if you use a free theme, try to modify them with a custom header, background etc, so they do not look too suspicious.


Content is one of the most important parts in your PBN building blocks. You MUST have a unique content there to reduce a risk of Google coming after you.
They will definitely see a duplicate or spun content on your sites and decrease a value of outgoing links from it. If they see that all backlinks to your money pages are coming from low quality content, they will penalize your money site.
As a result of all the above, it can trigger a manual review, that will result in deindexing of your money site and of your PBN sites too.
But I want to be clear here. PBN sites will not be deindexed because Google will know that they belong to you. They will be deindexed because of the low quality of the content.


When applying SEO, using PBNs, most webmasters simply add content on their PBN sites and create links from them to their money sites. They completely forget that it is important to build some backlinks to their PBN sites to show Google that something is happening there.
You can build a second tier PBN or a network of free Web 2.0 properties, linking back to your sites.
This will tell Google search engine that your site is live and interesting, so people are building links to it.
It will also increase a relevancy and authority of your PBN sites that will result in a better quality of outgoing links, pointing to your money sites.
If you already have my Social Link Machine WordPress plugin, then it will help you in this task.

So, what do I think about all the buzz around the Internet that PBNs are not working for SEO now?
I think that this all noise is to scare people and to put them off from doing it. There is no way Google bots can recognize a properly built blog network.
I know that even SEO gurus who support that idea are actually using PBNs in their own business. It just makes it easier to come up with new products, promoting new ways of doing SEO.
So, if you want to be able to be competitive in medium or high competition niches then you need to have quality PBNs to utilize to be able to do so.

All of the above is my personal opinion, but I hope that you learned something from it.

As usually, please leave your comments below this post to share your views on this topic.

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  1. Pat says:

    Apriciate getting your thoughts on pbn’s Doc.
    Thanks for sharing. I believe in getting your pbn’s look and act as any orher decent regular sites will avoid getting them deindex. Feed them the way you would feed your money sites and you will keep em forever.

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