Internet Marketing Rat Race

Hey guys,

Thank you for being with me and thanks to everyone who took their time to fill my survey.

I got very interesting results from it.

What strikes me the most is that most of you are not making any money online?

I was writing a report about it, which I wanted to sell, but instead I decided to give it to you absolutely free.

It is in the draft stage at the moment, but I am sure it has a lot of value and can change your life.

It will tell you exactly how I became successful online and you can do it too.

Please leave your feedback on this report below and tell me what else you think I need to add to it, so you and people who read it after you would get more information from it.

Please tell me also in your comments what else you want me to teach you, so I can provide you with relevant training materials.

I encourage you to read this report and follow the instructions at the end as I have a FREE opportunity for you.

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3 Responses

  1. Giovanni Dattoma says:

    Hello Max,

    I have read with interest your report, it chimes exactly with how I feel, and I couldn’t agree more with your points.

    Exactly as you say, I.M. is mainly about internet marketing gurus selling a dream to newbies. To succeed online one needs to do exactly as you mention, getting a mentor, sticking to one thing at a time, start product creation.

    In my case, I have taken 4 coaching programs, though not in the $5.000 + range, but I have gained very little, because every coach ( Alex Jeffrey, Dexter, and others they don’t tell you everything there, they just pitch a further expensive course. At that point it gets like: ok, but I cannot afford to spend/invest $5.000 + because of LACK of TRUST in coaches that HYPE how newbies are taken advantage of, and they can mentor you in an inner circle.

    In the end I have spent an accumulated amount well above the $5000.

    There is also another way that I.M. gurus take advantage of newbies: I.M. seminars and summits, that are only businesses for the organizers to sell events where I.M. gurus pitch their courses. Some events are so hyped up, that depress me. I do not attend those events any more.

    I have tried a small I.M. event through Meetup, much better that a big seminar event, but still not what I expected. Even there pitching of courses goes on. So we’re dealing with another event organizer on a smaller level. What attracts me is the opportunity to network with like minded people. My experience is it’s easy to attract serious minded people to network with.

    There is one factor that plays a big part in the failure of newbies: changing technology, search engine algorithm changes, facebook mktg, and other opportunities that seem more attractive to newbies. Adding more confusion to the mix.

    In the end, sticking to one thing is the way out. It requires focus and a lot of work. I have implemented just that in some projects, like building a functional e-commerce / creating a couple of decent websites for retailers. Honing my skills in the process. One lesson learned: have to outsource some elements to become more productive.

    I have a project plan working on right now, a bit ambitious, but without trying will not know if it work. It’s a social network thing which I am marrying to Instant Traffic Websites concept and platform by Peter Garety, with the potential of build a sizable Google + circle with it. The related ITW circle is growing big.

    Besides that I am working on affiliate website. But I am going through a learning process with setting up this kind of blog, trying to figure out the right niche, the right SEO structure, working out plugin conflicts, or plugin SEO inefficiency.

    The reason to pick me and help me is that I have proven myself with something concrete online ( website/ecommerce development ) and that I am now working on a plan with a vision.

    My plan B is a practical path that does away with I.M. and concentrates on a successful platform that combines Amazon and Ebay.



  2. Tim says:

    Thanks for this!!

  1. December 3, 2013

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