My Internet Marketing / Online Business Journey

Everyone who has been involved in Internet marketing and online business used to the same story from Gurus out there. Most of them usually say the same story, called “From Being Broke To Success”. I do not say that it is not true, but I rather get suspicious when all of them have a very similar story to say.

Unfortunately, I cannot say that I was broke when I had started my journey, as I was not. Actually, I was doing fine, but I wanted to explore new opportunities, which could help me to leave my day job in the future. It started from the wish to have some extra income from the Internet, but now I am seriously thinking that it can get me to the point when I will be able to quit my job.

But, let’s not rush ahead…

So, who am I? My name is Maxim or Max. I still have not decided completely on my pen name, but as for now I decided to use Dr. MaxIM as my name for my products. The reason I add ‘Dr’ in the front is because I have a PhD in computer science and having IM at the end of the name makes it a bit more related to Internet Marketing. Again, I am not sure whether I should change it or not. Please leave comments on that please.

My Internet Marketing / Online Business Journey

I started to look into Internet marketing and online business about 8 years ago, but I was not very serious then. I have been jumping from one ‘Money Making Method’ to another and as most of you was not earning any money at all. So, I decided to spend more time on methods I choose, but still I was not really consistent.

I had some success in so-called blackhat arena, earning between $1000 and $2000 per month, but it was not very consistent and required a lot of time. Usually these kind of methods seem very easy to use to earn money, but they actually are not easy at all and only very experienced people earn thousands of dollars per day in this area.

So, I jumped into CPA. Read tons of books on that, and tried to get into this market too. Most people out there would consider me as a successful newbie as I was earning around $600 per month. Yet again, I read many posts on different forums about great moneymaking methods. So, I jumped into AdSense and was earning some money there too.

I tried lots moneymaking methods and did not really have any significant success with them. I was spending too much time reading different ebooks, blogs and forums, trying to find the easiest way to earn money online. It is very easy to get lost in all that information and forget about time. However, time if flying very fast and here I am, not getting enough money from any methods I mentioned above earlier in this post.

As I see it, the main reason of all those failures was inconsistency and information overload. I did not really spend enough time with any methods I used. Actually, it is not true and I had one method, I was consistent with through my Internet marketing journey.

Consistency Is The Key For Success In Internet Marketing

In the background of all those moneymaking methods, I was failing with, I was doing some work in link selling business. I found a way to find dropping domains with PageRank. The reason I started doing this was that for most of the methods online, you need to use SEO (Search Engine Optimization), but I could not understand how people can achieve high PageRank for their websites. I came across a person who was selling dropping domains with PR. So, I bought couple of them to promote my sites and also started to sell links on them.

I was surprized to see that people started to buy links on them and in the first month, one site I added to a link broker was earning me $3 per month. Not a lot, but thinking about $8 as an investment into a domain name and then getting $36 return in a year, made me thinking about it more seriously. Next month I was earning $40 per month from the same two websites. So, I decided that I had do something about it.

So, I spent some time and found a way to find dropping domains myself and soon I started to earn $2000 per month, then $4000. But, I was doing it in a very passive mode running after ‘REAL’ money, which all ‘GURUS’ were promoting there. To be honest, those Gurus are great in selling staff and I was spending more time on reading their guides instead of consistently developing my own business.

So, to get that income level I had to have a lot of website, which I had to manage somehow. To make it easier, I created I started to promote it, but not very actively, but consistently and now if you search e.g. for ‘buy links’ or ‘buy backlinks’, you will find it on the top page.

I also started to promote websites for other people and became quite successful with it too, but this is a different story. Just want to mention here that I did not spend much time on promoting my services, as I do not have enough time for it.

So, as you can see that I have been spending a lot of time being inconsistent with moneymaking methods, but the main cash flow is actually coming from a single online business I actually have been consistent with. I really became very frustrated and I still am as I have been spending lots of time behind my laptop, instead of playing with my kids when having a plan and consistency would help me to bring my Internet business to the next level.

Therefore, I decided that I have to do something with it and now I am going to cut all time wasters and start being productive in my online business venture. I also made a decision that I need somebody to help me with it.

Next Step In My Online Business For Success In Internet Marketing

About a month ago, I decided to join a coaching program to see whether it can help me to straighten my thoughts up and to direct me to success. I am also hoping to add additional income from Internet Marketing into my online business.

So, here I am, starting my new online venture and also developing my existing business further.

It is very important for me to have support from you, so please leave your comments below.

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  1. Ralph says:

    I suspect most internet marketers do not get consistent results, and spend allot of time at the keyboard, especially in the beginning. Your journey is unique and very interesting. Thanks for sharing it Max.

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