Product Launch Success

Just wanted to share with you quickly with my success.

Last may I decided to launch a plugin, which would help people with On-Site optimization.

At that time I had had it in some shape of form and my offline SEO clients were using it with a great success.

So, I cleaned it up, added great features for Pro version, like ‘Content Ideas’, automated searching and embeding of related images and videos and decided to launch it.

The world of the Internet Marketing was very new to me and I could not understand how people were making big money in relatively short period.

I knew how to do it with SEO, but as you might know it is a long process and it takes long time until you start seeing any significant results.

So, I finally launched it on the 26th September and was pleasently surprized that I made almost $35,000 in just two weeks time.

I am not going to go into details here, but as I know how to do it now, I am going to show you how I did it in one of my next posts.

Here is a screenshot of it:
WP SEO Traffic Magnet Two Weeks Sales

This is it for now, but as I said I will come back to you with more details soon.

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