Quit Internet Marketing Rat Race

I am very happy to see you on this page as this means that you have read my report.

I spent a lot of time on it and I believe it contains a lot of information that can change your life.

This report will be available for free for a very limited time, so if you have not read it yet, grab it here: Internet Marketing Rat Race

Please read it, then come back here an leave your comment.

I want you all to take part in my Special Contest where you may win something worth thousands of dollars.

PLEASE read the PDF first all the way to the end BEFORE leaving your comments! (that’s all I ask)

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6 Responses

  1. Kevin Rutledge says:

    Much of what I read I already knew, but for whatever reason it just resonated with me this time.
    Maybe I have spent enough time reading and watching the process and it is finally sinking in.

    Discipline and execution are my biggest challenges still today. Do I think having a mentor will help?

    Absolutely, I have been a student of the internet marketing world for a couple of years now,
    and staying on task and focused with one technique or system has always been my downfall.

    I have fell victim to the “quick and easy” as I like to call it, but I quickly learned that this is just not possible.

    Nothing worth while ever happens quick or easy.

    Then it was the tools, oh the tools, how I do love them.

    They fit right into my mentality at the time still having a little of that Q&E mindset.

    And then I saw that some things were really worth while and could help tremendously with mundane tasks.

    But then it was overload and which tools to use and how, it really can get quite confusing at times.

    I have learned a fair amount of what I need to know about being a good marketer on my own,
    through trial and error and by watching and mimicking others who are successful.

    I do believe my business would benefit greatly by having a mentor.
    Why should you pick me over the others who will surely add to these comments?

    The absolute truth is I don’t know.

    There may be and probably is some more qualified and worthy of this offering than myself
    all I can say is if you decide to pick me. I’m in 100% no excuses.

    This may not sound like a great selling point, and it shouldn’t because I am not trying to sell you.
    I simply want to be a successful marketer and I want to learn how to do it right with honesty and integrity.

    If that sounds like someone you would like to work with, then I am ready to start.

    Thank you for considering me.


  2. Bart Murray says:

    Hi Dr Max,

    You should pick me because I will listen and DO what exactly you teach me to do. I am a father of 3 that has been working to provide a full time income online for at least 7 years. I have not made it yet, but I have figured out how to pay the bills with local clients. My hearts desire it to make a healthy mid six figure income on part time effort, so that I can enjoy the remaining time I have with my lovely wife of 28yrs and my children. I feel that I am missing the last digit in the combination lock of success, and you probably have that. Please choose me, thanks.

  3. Tim says:

    Do I need a mentor?
    As I read your report, I realized that if I am going to succeed at this IM business I need a focus. I am finally at the point that I have tried everything else; what have I got to lose. If you are willing to provide the training and blueprint for a successful IM business, I have the dedication and discipline to follow it along with the patience to see it through from start to finish. I will end with the answer is yes, I need a mentor.

  4. Nick says:

    Hello Dr. Maxim,

    I appreciate the free report.

    Thank you for pointing out why I have been purchasing many of the different products being sold in the Warrior Forum — I have too many “What If” scenarios.

    I have been on this road for the last 5 years and I can say it is has been an up and down ride. I have never thought about quitting, but I have slowed my work in building up my sites.

    Several years ago, I was making money online consistently for about a year, until the Google updates, now my sites are bringing in less than a few hundreds dollars a year — I have never made it to the four-figure a month income, so that is my top goal for 2014.

    Presently, I make a decent income offline, but like you, I have a dream. I have a dream to make money where my income is neither dependent on the economy, the country I live in, or the currency I use.

    I have tried and paid for a mentoring program before, but quickly realized that the mentoring I was getting was not directly from the person who promised it. I was getting mentored by his staff and found out after our first session, that this staff member has Never made a dime online.

    If I am not selected, then I comfortable with that. I just wanted to say Thank you for an inspiring report — it reminded of the right things I was doing to make my first $1 online — humans have a way of forgetting the things that have made them successful and to continue that correct habit for a long time.

    Happy Holidays,


  5. Anthony Miles says:

    Hello, thanks for the free report, I already knew this but lack of focus and not having things planed has really plagued my success online, it also has delayed me launching several products. also I have not focused on just one thing .Your report is a perfect example of me and the other 99% percent who aren’t successful online. Pick me and help me finish my first lanching of my product

  6. Annie says:

    Hi Max and thank you for the IM Rat Race Report.

    Having a personal mentor would be wonderful! I have my own website. It’s called anxietybitz.com. I don’t think I’m doing too badly with it, if you don’t count lack of conversions with it! I do try to keep it up and to write quality for my readers. It’s not jam packed with affiliate offers, but it has three quality ones on it. I know that I could definitely use help with it. For that matter any website in the future that I start up too. So I would appreciate being chosen to be mentored by you.

    I can fully relate to some of the obstacles you have listed on page nine of your report. For example there just seems to be so much information to keep up with out there. Every time I open up my email inbox it’s buy this or buy that, or here’s our other product after product. I am not up to the level of even understanding some of what is being offered to me!

    There is frequently outdated information in many of these downloads as you say. And yes I have folders of them. Though would you believe I have been wading through and deleting many of them over the past few days.

    The emails I receive are for subjects that are important to me. I am a member of a forum and I do subscribe to notifications of all that can be received from it. It is important to me, though after reading through your report, it has been a push for me to cut off from some of these notifications for a while and free up my inbox. I am also going to unsubscribe from at least four newletters.

    I am camera shy as I have a mixed accent.This is due to living in three different countries. I also am wary of some social media sites as I am a bit shy. I do participate to a certain degree ,so I am not exactly cut off from it. I think I am a bit shy as I was ill for several years and socially I did become cut off. Getting as far as I have is actually is a major step for me. For me, the only way is up.

    Also, I have gone back to a “computer to do list”. I know what that means – and it is how I manage to get through my daily tasks. I have a basic plan for where I want to be in the future on the internet for this year 2014.

    Max, I know I am a survivor and I will not give up. My deisre is to be successful on line. Up front, I do take baby steps. Financially, I will not do what some guru’s suggest with oodles of money on some type or other ad. However, at times I just feel swamped with what to keep up with out there.

    As you have written in your report, there are many unethical marketers out there, who don’t seem too interested in the “know, like and trust factors”. The methods they advocate as being for beginners, often are not. They are experienced and seem to forget that it is a whole different ball game now starting out, than even three years ago. From what I can make out, yes they are making money “selling the dream”.

    Max, I would love to have you guide me through the maze and show me the correct and ethical way to make money online. I am willing to learn and to apply what you teach. You would need to be very patient as I would have lots of questions. I also live in Australia, so it is only fair that I advise of any time differences. It may be late for my comment to appear, but that is ok if you have made your selection. I wanted to take the courtesy of saying thank you for the free report, as per your request.


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