Slap Back the Panda and Penguin

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Google Panda Web Analytics Report


Have you ever struggled with bringing
your website to the top page of Google?
Have your website been slapped
by the recent Google updates?
Is your website ranking lower than expected?

Dear Warriors,

The reason I am writing here today is that I have seen a lot of Internet marketers struggling with their SEO strategies today. They all blame Google in all their failures. Fair enough, Google has made our lives more difficult with all these new updates and penalties. But it is not really that bad and I know this for sure.I have been in the Internet Marketing since 2004 and I have had many successes as well as failures. I have tried different tactics and strategies for bringing traffic to my websites, but SEO has been the most successful and more importantly the most consistent for me.

I look after many websites on behalf of my clients and I really know what I am talking about here. So, I decided to show you the simplest SEO strategy I use to promote my own and my clients’ websites. I also use this strategy to bring back penalized websites to the top page of the major search engines.

See What People Say About This Report

“Hey there,

I must say with all the stuff about backlinking nowadays, this is a guide that actually touches on stuff that is current and works. Thanks for the report Dr MaxIM!


Shane Natan

“What with all the Google updates: Panda penguin etc You never know what to do regarding SEO strategies. There is so much conflicting information out there. Seeing the woods for the trees is getting more and more difficult. This WSO lays out a map to guide you through the SEO mine field. It also gives you a definitive plan to start putting into implementation today. What i really like are the actual case studies and exact steps Dr MaxIM takes to rank his sites successfully. This is a great WSo that covers every aspect of SEO for new or old sites. Great product.”

Why I am Writing this

I see that lots of Internet marketers are struggling with bringing their websites to the top page of Google and other search engines. There are a lot of posts about how difficult it is to promote websites, using pure SEO strategies. Newbies are really afraid of even starting their new websites because of it. But it is really not too bad at all.

I have great news for you. I am going to share a very simple and yet very efficient strategy that can help anyone to improve search engine ranking of their website. This method can be also used for bringing penalized websites to the top page of Google and I will show you how to do it.

Why You Should Listen To Me

I have been in this area for more than 8 years and I have seen ups and downs on the way. I personally own hundreds of websites and I also manage websites on behalf of my clients.

I have seen many of my own websites penalized. So, I understand the feeling seeing your website dropping from the 1st page of Google. Some of my websites could not be even found in the top 100 results after those penalties. As many of you I wanted to give up SEO completely, but I discovered a very simple way for bringing all of my websites back and for promoting new websites too.


Here is a traffic stats image for the website I use as a case study in my report:
Google Panda Web Analytics Report
Here is another traffic stats image for a brand new website I have been promoting, using my strategy:
Web Analytics Traffic Report


What You Will Learn From My Report?

  • You will discover what is important for Google today
  • I will show you how you should optimize your websites
  • You will discover a very simple and very efficient strategy for improving SERP position of your website
  • I will show you a real case study, based on the exact strategy I use to bring penalized websites to the top page of Google
  • I will show you how this method can be fully outsourced

How I Can Be So Sure?

  • I have used this method for many of my own and my clients’
    websites and have always achieved great results with it.
  • I am 100% sure that anyone who follows all the steps,
    shown in this report, will see great results too!

This strategy has never failed me!

Risk Free 100% Money Back Guarantee

I want you to be 100% secure and confident with your investment today. Even though this product is only $7 I want you to know if for any reason at all you believe that this product was not for you or even if you change your mind at any time in 30 days, you can just simply contact me by sending me an email or contacting my by a private message and simply request 100% of your money back. No questions will be asked, we will promptly deliver 100% of your investment back. So, you can go ahead today, invest in this product and do this without any risk at all.

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