Social Link Machine Update

Hi there,

Just want to give you a quick update on what has been updated in the recent Social Link Machine plugin updates.

So here is a list of things that have been added/fixed:
– Added a granular picking of what can be shared. Instead of just selecting between posts and pages, now you can pick exactly what you want to be shared, like custom post and page types, like products in WooCommerce, classified ads and other types of posts/pages, supported in your theme or plugin
– A fix for non-English posts/pages
– Added two more shortcodes that can be used to format your shared posts:
o %wp_excerpt% – will be replaced with an excerpt saved in WordPress or empty string if it does not have it
o %img_tag% – as opposed to %image%, which provides a URL to an image, %img_tag% is equivalent to what could be achieved earlier with . The drawback on the latter was that if there was no image in the post, you would still have invisible img tag there.
– There was critical fix that would affect websites, hosted on servers with PHP safe_mode enabled, which would not allow redirects when loading pages. I have added a workaround for it. One of the platforms that was not working properly on such kind of servers was GooglePlus. This will not affect those who did not have safe_mode enabled.
– Shared stats has been added for those who has Network/Share license, so you can see how many total shared accounts we have, how many posts have gone through our system and how many of your posts have been shared too.
– VERY IMPORTANT! If you have a Network or Shared license. There was a critical bug that was fixed in the latest update, which was preventing some of the posts to be shared. I have reset some of the accounts, so, please, do not panic if you see that there are 0 number next to your shared posts. Just monitor this number for the next couple of days and it should start growing. If you still see an issue, please open a ticket at and I will look into it.

Last thing that I wanted to mention here is that I have just come across a great plugin that can bring more traffic to your WordPress sites and which might contribute to SLM.
The plugin is called Traffic Elixir. I would not have mentioned it here, but they already have 2000+ copies sold and it looks really good.
You can take a look at it here: Traffic Elixir Demo

This is it for now. Looking forward to hear more about successes you are having with SLM.

Dr. Max V

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