Thank You For Using SLM

Hey Guys,

I want to thank all of you, who decided to give Social Link Machine (my social media WordPress plugin) a try, again. THANK YOU!

So far I have received a lot of positive feedbacks about it. As things have calmed down here I really want to start helping you with your business and to provide you with the information that can help you to grow it.

As I said, the main purpose of this post is to THANK YOU. But what I also want to do is to understand your needs and what areas you want to improve and want new things you want to learn, that could help you with your online business.

There are lots of things out there and if you try to do all of them, you will get nowhere.
There are things like SEO, Internet Marketing, Email Marketing, Social Media, building membership sites, Digital Products, List Building, CPA, PPC, PPV etc. You name it. I am not claiming that I am a guru in all of that, but I have experience in some of these areas.

I know that some of you are struggling with making money online. So, please write in the comment box below this post things that you are struggling with and what I can help you with.
Once I know your areas of struggle, I will do my best to provide you with the relevant information and advice.

As you know I have a vast experience in SEO and can definitely help you with some information in this area.

On the other hand I have already seen some success in the Internet Marketing arena too. So far I have had two successful launches of my two WordPress plugins.

My first launch of WP SEO Traffic Magnet generated around $40,000 and Social Link Machine (SLM) generated more than 1500 sales and $80,000. Which is great!

But it was not this way all the time. My first SEO report just generated 10 sales for me and eight years ago it took me a year to see first money, earned with CPA and SEO.

I struggled with lots of things online, like many of you!
All those ebooks talk about how simple it is to earn money online, but I know for sure that not many people are getting anywhere after reading those reports.
I know it as I was like that and was grabbing all latest money making reports, but not making any money online.
I am sure that all of us make similar mistakes and for me, to be able to assist you with your issues, I would need to know what you are struggling with today.

I do not want to make this post too long to read, so THANK YOU one more time for using my products and for visiting this site.

Please leave a comment below and tell me what things you are struggling with the most and I will do my best to help you with it.

If I have enough comments, I might even create a free report or a video training to address your needs.

To your success,
Dr Max V

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9 Responses

  1. Kimberly says:

    The main aspect that I am struggling with is generating traffic that is converting to sales. Actually generating traffic in general is a major issue of mine. Until your plugin, I was only getting 5-6 visits a day, none to sales, now I am getting about 20-30 visits a day with a sale about once every few days.

    However, I am on a very limited budget, thanks to a disability retirement my husband draws, so I have not been able to buy hardly any of the training or programs that help and had to save to get SLM.

    So if you have any advice on how to generate more traffic that would be great! My site is ranking well in Google, according to StatCounter for the keywords people are finding the site for, but not sure how to improve this to converting traffic or clicks.

    Thank you a ton for your help and great programs!!

  2. Ernie says:

    Great plugin. Helps me a lot. I just have a problem when trying to post to facebook from wordpress for joomla. It says (#100) picture URL is not properly formated. Changed image directory to root/images, still the same. Maybe its because of com_components in the image URL? Thanks.

  3. Rick says:

    putting it all together with one system and not jumping around to the greatest and latest!

  4. James says:

    With SLM, I have the Pro Account, I was concerned about the risks of upgrading to the highest level where you generate more links though other websites. My concerns is if my niche is selling product x, and other sites are selling y & z, they may or may not be relevant to my site and thus getting backlinks from them could hurt my site. This is my thoughts, but it would be nice to learn more if this is not the case and why, etc. Same can be said as the paid for service that you can also hook up to SLM. Knowing more on that would be beneficial.

    I am using SLM with Social Media accounts (tumbler, pinterest, G+ where I post products manually to accounts I have built up) and I am getting visitors a day on the Pro. How can I scale this up?

    • James says:

      Getting about 30 visitors per day on my site and it is about 1.5 months old. I have about 60 products listed in my niche using Amazon for the product referrals.

  5. Glenn Hughes says:

    I agree completely that trying to do everything online almost guarantees failure at everything. It is far better focus on one thing, and completely master it, before even thinking about tackling anything else.

    My biggest problem has been deciding on what area will bring in the fastest, biggest and most profitable results for my efforts.

  6. James says:

    Hey Dr. Max V, I think both of your products are great. Peter Garety talked about a traffic generating network. TGN is series of web 2.0 sites made up with your keywords that has no affiliation to your $ site other than the back links to it. It would great if there was a way to create a desk top software that would create those accounts (integrated with to see what accounts would be available) with your keywords and then be able to autopost to those accounts -> content, videos, images, etc.. with random back links to your $ site such as read her, click her, click this link etc… (or money keywords if you wanted to) on a set and forget calender system. Hope that makes sense.

  7. Irene says:

    I’m very happy with SLM, very easy to use. An issue for me is if you can look for an easy way to grap content from the internet so I never have to worry about putting fresh relevant content on my blog in a frequenty way and in a way that Google appreciates.

  8. Ray Cassidy says:

    Hi Max, this actually seems to be an effective plugin. I have monitored improved local rankings for my own business in the couple of weeks it’s been active. One possible improvement is that I have a of draft pages and posts on my site which the plugin has broadcast. If there is a way of tuning those out it would be useful.

    In answer to Irene just above, to source content: use Google alerts or Feedly, but be wary of grab and post spam! Just grabbing and posting doesn’t add any value at all. There’s enough crap out there without adding to it. Don’t measure your success by what Google likes, write /curate / post for PEOPLE first!

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