Video Is The Future Of Online Content Marketing Here’s Why…

Online Video Marketing…The Future Is Now.

Five years from today do you think you would be reading this article right now or would you be sat there eyes glued to a video on your laptop, PC or tablet? It’s definitely a curiosity driving question don’t you think?

We all know that video has been around for a very long time and online it has taken off increasingly well with the likes of video giant YouTube™, Vimeo™ and Vevo™ pushing the envelope each and every year that passes.

Let’s delve inside a little further…

Cisco® provided research recently which stated that “by 2017, video will account for 69% of all consumer internet traffic”.

Did you get that?

69% of ALL consumer traffic! That means that video demand will all very nearly of trebled and if you study and research or case study reports for online video and consumer traffic you will find it very hard to come by to suggest anything other than dramatic growth; even in the video era we’re currently in right now.

So the above suggests that any business that fails to include video in its advertising and marketing as will fall greatly short of their competitors, be it in an online marketing business, an ecommerce store or even an offline brick and mortar business.

Now for some of us this is a great thing as it means more opportunities to compete with bigger brands and competitors, but for those who are disconnected from the world of online video marketing and advertising there are pitfalls ahead… be warned.

Online video not only satisfies your target audiences’ entertainment and informational needs, it also allows businesses like yours and mine to stay in their minds. Have you ever heard the saying “Out of sight out of mind”? If you have then you will realise that without video marketing you will be out of sight and out of their minds making way for those who know video is the biggest kid on the marketing block.


Video Enables You To Reach Further

video Marketing Reel

Reach is an important factor in any business, the more reach you have the more customers you can acquire and therefore the more profit you can make, pretty simple right? For example YouTube™ receives over one BILLION unique hits per month…that is an insane amount of traffic hitting online video.

Facebook is another top evangelist of the online video era with them seeing drastic results in their recent study regarding the new(ish) autoplay feature on newsfeeds, since adding this to their social media network videos have become increasingly used not only for entertainment purposes but also commercial advertising and the like.

Viral content is another reason to use video, the ability to make a video into a piece of viral content is far superior in nature than say trying to make a blog post or image become viral. That’s because of the entertainment factor (as well as the ease of creating videos).

It’s super easy to search for a video and hit the play button, that’s all there is to it; you don’t need any other input unless it’s an interactive video, but for the most part all your audience need do is hit that play button. That alone is enough to get your message in front of thousands if not millions of viewers eyes, just take a look at Volkswagen’s recent online campaign, there venture saw them hit a massive 155 MILLION times!

Even if this number of views seems almost impossible due to the lack of budget, it does at least point out that there is a HUGE market for online video marketing and it is just unavoidable. Skip this trend at your peril as you will surely see your competitor’s race by you if you do.

Video has a tremendous shareability factor that gets your audience engaged in your brand and in your message. As a result people stay longer on websites, they click through to links within the videos which makes them not only entertaining or informative but also interactive.

People LOVE interacting with videos, it gives them a sense of involvement and a personal connection with the brands they love, it really is a win-win for all parties… that is, if you are using video to your advantage.

The best part is that you don’t even need to be in front of your camera to create a video. You are just as likely to get views and interaction (through comments or annotations etc.) with a video sharing just your desktop.


Is Video Really Even Possible For Small Businesses?


The short answer is Yes (and so is the long answer too).

If you don’t already have desktop recording software there’s no need to fear as you can use things like Jing® from Techsmith which allows you to record a short 5 minute videos for free! So now you have no excuse but to go out there and create something online that is video based meaning you can get started as soon as you download Jing from the link.

>>You Can Check Jing Out Here For FREE!

If you DO want to be in front of the camera that’s also highly possible since video recording is now nowhere near as expensive as it once was. The cost of video production has plummeted over the past 5yrs thanks to an increasing number of brands fighting for their place as well as smart phone becoming widely available and easily accessible to most of us.

That’s right you can even film on a smart phone and get away with it, you just need the right setting, lighting and script (or go for it off the cuff if you are great at public speaking).

The point I am trying to make here is that video SHOULD be a big part of your future because it WILL bring a lot more traffic, it will initiate a lot of engagement (think more opt-ins and trial memberships). Plus it’s so damn easy to create and edit now, that you would be a complete fool to ignore it.

So here’s the bottom line…

Online video is future-proof, if you want to be future-proof too, invest in a camera or desktop recording software and get to it because I can guarantee you one thing for sure…

Your competitors will be investing in it for certain.


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As always, here’s to your future success,


Dr. Max V

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